Ryder SelectCare Maintenance

Get industry leading commercial truck maintenance with flexible service options that unlock the full potential of your fleet with access to our nationwide network of more than 700 maintenance shops and 4,900 certified technicians.

Your Maintenance. Your Choice.

Choose your service option and where it is performed—a Ryder Shop, your shop that we manage, or mobile.

Ryder SelectCare Maintenance Options

Select the service option you need to keep your fleet running.

Ryder SelectCare full maintenance service

Ryder SelectCare Full Service

Ryder SelectCare preventive maintenance service

Ryder SelectCare Preventive

Ryder SelectCare on-demand maintenance service

Ryder SelectCare On-Demand

Compare SelectCare Maintenance Features

Full Service
Access to Ryder Nationwide Network
150-Point PM Inspection
Warranty Management
Vehicle History
24/7 Roadside Assistance
Brake & Tire Repair
Substitute Vehicles at Preferred Rates
Safety Services
Pick Up & Delivery

Location of Service Options

Choose from having your maintenance performed at a Ryder shop, your shop that we manage for you, or mobile maintenance.

Ryder shop maintenance

Ryder Shop Maintenance

Ryder on-site maintenance

Ryder On-Site Maintenance

Ryder mobile maintenance

Ryder Mobile Maintenance

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