Transportation Logistics

We offer the most cost effective and reliable solution for your business to get your freight where it needs to go. Choose from our Freight Brokerage, Transportation Management, and Dedicated Transportation Solutions, or a mix of these based on your unique needs.

Your Freight Delivered

Whether you're moving a pallet, a truck load, need routing & scheduling, or want customized trucks & trained drivers we have the solution you need.

Transportation logistics expertise

Expertise You Trust

Get your goods to your customers on time. Our trusted team of logistics engineers, planners, managers, and drivers are ready to work for you 24/7/365.

improved service levels for transportation logistics

Reliability You Need

Reduce your downtime and improve service levels with technology-driven transportation solutions that support you—whether it’s with a dedicated fleet, optimizing your network, providing business intelligence, or finding a common carrier.

optimized data for transportation logistics

Optimized by Your Data

Using your data and our innovative technology you get real-time collaboration, business intelligence, and analytics that improve routing and scheduling to ensure on-time delivery and lower operating costs, as well as real-time visibility across your supply chain with RyderShare™.

Dedicated Truck Drivers

dedicated tranpsportation solution

We Have Drivers

Benefit from our expertise to recruit highly qualified company drivers, who we hire, train, and manage for your business as part of a Dedicated Transportation Solutions. This ensures you are not at the mercy of the driver shortage or capacity volatility.

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