Oil & Gas Logistics

Ryder's plan for every well provides better solutions to manage carrier portfolios, haul equipment to well sites, improve supply chain visibility, and safely move over-sized freight.

Expert Supply Chain Solutions

A Plan for Every Well

Ryder’s “A Plan for Every Well” approach provides greater visibility and standardized processes for increased cost control, improved productivity, and improved operations to help you maintain control.


Sites served


Annual freight


Cost savings


Ryder’s experience in oil field logistics gives you the network visibility, data integrity, and accuracy you need to keep your operation running smoothing. This includes expert transportation management, innovative technology, and a robust safety management program.

oil and gas downstream


Maximize throughput and load optimization with solutions that focus on innovation and continuous improvement that include LEAN operating systems, automation technology, and carrier management.

transportation management

Transportation Management

Get carrier network management, transparency with access to Freight Bill Audit & Payment, and greater transportation efficiencies to beat short lead times, lack of visibility, and unpredictable conditions.

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