Ryder Box Truck Leasing

box truck

Lease a light duty commercial box truck today.

Navigate city streets with ease in this box truck that includes enhanced maneuverability, tight turning radius, and low cab-over design. Additional features include ample cargo space, hydraulic lift gates or walk ramps, slat interiors, and load security system.

Flexible Finance Options to Choose From

Tax Advantage Solution

All the benefits of a truck lease while retaining the tax benefits of ownership.

  • Accelerated tax benefits
  • Interest deduction
  • Maintenance costs deduction

Fair Market Value Lease

Closed-end truck lease with no down payment, 100% financing, and no residual risk.

  • Fixed or variable payments
  • Option to purchase at lease end
  • Improved cash flow


Responsible for the residual value with the option to purchase at a pre-determined price.

  • Improved cash flow
  • Up-front purchase option
  • Lower monthly lease payments

Lease vs Own

In today’s environment, owning and maintaining your fleet comes with big risks. Especially when you need to worry about running your business. When you lease with Ryder, you mitigate the risk of not having access to vehicles, and lock in your maintenance rates for predictable costs and guaranteed uptime. 


  • No capital outlay
  • All maintenance included
  • Substitute vehicles included
  • Licensing, safety, compliance included
  • Truck replaced and disposed


  • Capital tied up
  • Unpredictable maintenance costs
  • Pay for rentals not included
  • Time & expense of compliance
  • Responsible for disposal

Total Cost of Ownership

The road to understanding your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) begins with an analysis of all the costs and benefits associated with fleet ownership. As a result, we developed a proprietary TCO tool to help you learn your true cost of ownership.

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